Together At Last | May 23, 2020





Our Story

Our story begins,
Shannon & Michael as friends,
head first into high school together.

Homework sessions & laughs,
they realized not so fast,
the feelings they’d feel forever.

The two friends start dating.
Love came fast without waiting,
but young love is so hard to hold.

Off to college, they’d split ways,
(Our story has some delays)
as they searched the world over.

Adventurous & wild
She went to Colombia for a while
to explore all that she could find.

Michael started his career,
and although not near,
Shannon was always on his mind.

Upon her return to The States,
they tried to be mates,
but their love they could not ignore.

Drawn back together
by the love felt forever,
it wasn’t a question anymore.

Michael could hardly wait,
taking Shannon’s hand by the lake,
“Will you marry me?” he asked.

She gasped and said “yes!”
Their love a success.
Shannon & Michael together, at last.